Amanda Keidel

Widener University

As a second-year nursing student at Widener University, Amanda Keidel remains active as a children's health advocate. During her freshman year, Keidel was offered the one and only position as a Data Coordinator Intern for the Chester-Upland Soccer for Success Program. She travels to the various elementary schools in the area to record the BMI (Body Mass Index) of each participant at the beginning and the end of the soccer season in an effort to record the program's outcomes. Alongside other nursing majors, she has offered various presentations and interactive activities to teach the children about nutrition and staying healthy. Keidel is also a Presidential Service Corps Bonner Leader that devotes 300+ hours of volunteer work per academic year in the Chester community. Her volunteer work addresses not only malnutrition in children, but also emotional stability of patients at Crozer Hospital and the education of children at Widener Partnership Charter School. Keidel is a dedicated 4.0 student working towards improving the quality of life of those in the local community. Aside from volunteering, Keidel is an advocate for disability rights. She has donated and participated in various local fundraisers to protect and advance the rights of people with disabilities.

Julie Wollman
Widener University

Personal Statement

During my freshman year at Widener University, I became aware of the seriousness of malnutrition in children. As a nursing student and children's health advocate, I decided to dedicate myself deeply to this issue. Chester, PA is a community with above average poverty rates and limited access to nutritious foods. I have utilized my leadership to recruit others to educate children about nutrition. I formed a group with five other nursing students and we visited various elementary schools to give presentations on healthy foods and beverages. We provided the children with interactive games and surveys to measure their understanding of the material.

As a community activist, I believe that we should educate ourselves on the issues affecting our world today. However, I think it is important to prioritize depth of understanding on the issues, rather than just breadth. While I foster my leadership as a Presidential Service Corps member and Oskin Leadership Certificate holder, I look forward to dedicating my academics to explore and advocate for children's health in my long-term career.

Amanda Keidel
Nursing: Class of 2020
written 2018

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