Alyssa Hayden

Inver Hills Community College

Alyssa Hayden, a 2nd year student at Inver Hills Community College, is an active leader across campus. Alyssa quickly got involved on campus in Phi Theta Kappa Honor's Society as the group's Vice President and through the President role of DECA, the campus' business and leadership club. In her roles, Alyssa has lead initiatives and organized opportunities for students to obtain leaderships skills while giving back to the community. She has organized food collections, a meal for single mothers working towards obtaining their degree and in transitional housing, as well as a coat drive for students in need on campus. Alyssa will complete an internship through the Travelers EDGE Scholarship program in Spring 2018 and hopes to find a career path that allows her to make an impact on other single mothers.

Tim Wynes
Inver Hills Community College

Personal Statement

Becoming a mother at the age of fifteen has helped instill and grow many of my core values. When I became a mother I suddenly had a greater cause. I become even more motivated and determined to succeed. Not only that, but I also become more motivated to help others succeed. I particularly took interest in underrepresented teenagers, from kids living in poverty to young teen mothers who did not have all the support that I received from my family.

This is what sparked my interested in volunteering at the Jerimiah Program. I wanted to give back to young mothers that are capable of doing amazing thing but just need a little bit of support. I also started volunteering at the local churches to feed local families in need. I know that a key component people need is support and a caring hand. I was more than willing to be that caring hand. Being the president of DECA gave me a chance to help show others causes that deserved attention and support. I personally believe that one of the most powerful things you can do for someone is believe in them and give them your time and support.

Alyssa Hayden
Communication Studies: Class of 05/2020
written 2018

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