Allison Hopkins

Indiana University Kokomo

Allison Hopkins, a Senior at Indiana University Kokomo, has been engaged in community service since she arrived on campus as a Freshman. Social justice is important to Allison. She is President of Enactus, a student organization that utilizes an entrepreneurial approach in developing projects to address needs on campus and in the community. Recognizing that hunger is an issue everywhere, even for some of her fellow students, she has helped to run the on-campus food pantry, and taught professional development to women residing in our local domestic violence shelter. She has participated in IU Kokommo's Social Entrepreneurship Exploration program where she and her classmates traveled to England to study social enterprises. Upon returning, Allison and two of her fellow students developed a model for a social enterprise that would provide mentoring to address the social interaction customs and cultural understanding that refugees, immigrants and/or displaced individuals may not understand. Developing this model has inspired her to continue to look for new and innovative ways to help people.

Susan Sciame-Giesecke
Indiana University Kokomo

Personal Statement

I have always enjoyed helping others in my community. I believe that everyone has a duty to try and make their piece of the world a little better. It is a great feeling to end your day knowing that you have made an impact on someone's life, even by just the smallest amount. I find that work is the most rewarding when you are able to do this, and that is why I like to get involved on campus and in my community. It is a passion that will follow me to my career and I hope that I can inspire others on my campus to follow in my footsteps of service. I have tried to be an impactful leader for my Enactus team so that they can continue to great work in the community after I graduate. I still have one more year left a college and I am excited to see the kind of difference we can make through the Fellowship. Being able to collaborate and share ideas with others is irreplaceable and fosters positive change. I this this is a great way to help solve tough issues in the community.

Allison Hopkins
Business with a concentration in marketing and management; minor in New Media Art & Technology: Class of 05/2019
written 2018

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