Alia Williams

SUNY Buffalo State College

Alia Williams, a junior at SUNY Buffalo State College, has proven her commitment in many ways on campus and in the community. As an aspiring educator, Alia consistently demonstrates her ability to provide meaningful and enriching learning opportunities. In addition to mentoring over 50 first year college students, she has also served as a tutor for students in grades K-6 in the local community. As a student leader, Alia shares her outstanding leadership through her membership in the Tha Ink Club, a student organization at Buffalo State. Tha Ink is a poetry-based group with a majority of African American members who are committed to giving back to the Buffalo community. Tha Ink Club has volunteered with organizations such as the Salvation Army as well as various local nursing homes in the area. Her professional goal is to strive for ensuring inclusion in the field of education. She recognizes the positive impact that diverse educators, leaders, and role models can have, especially for students of color. Alia serves others with an unwavering sense of compassion and social responsibility. She is prepared to educate and improve the lives of those around her, especially her future students.

Katherine Conway-Turner
SUNY Buffalo State College

Personal Statement

Buffalo State College has been wonderful when it comes to giving back to the many diverse communities of Buffalo and providing opportunities for every student to get involved. During my first year, I participated in Bengals Dare to Care Day as my first volunteer activity. It was a big start in me giving back to the Buffalo community. I look forward to volunteering and helping other people because it is changing the world little by little for people. I personally love one-on-one volunteering with nonprofit organizations because the connections you get can last a lifetime. I do believe that education is the first step towards equality. As an early childhood and childhood education major I find it incredibility important for students to see a diverse pool of teachers. I am more than aware of the lack of diversity represented in many school districts and recognize the importance of having students that can see themselves in their teacher – similar looks, backgrounds, and experiences. My goal is to be an elementary teacher because I love children tremendously, it is just a plush that I can give African American children the chance to have someone like them in their early years!

Alia Williams
Early Childhood and Childhood Education: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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