Alfredo Reyes

Carroll Community College

Habitat for Humanity has provided a wonderful outlet for Alfredo's service-oriented life. Habitat for Humanity and their volunteers are devoted to providing safe and affordable housing for families. He has spent numerous Saturdays at our local Habitat chapters, working on homes, alongside the homeowners. Additionally, for the past two years, Alfredo has chosen to spend his spring break working in our Alternative Spring Break program. Each year, a group of students have traveled to West Virginia to work with Habitat for Humanity rehabilitating older homes and building new ones. These trips have offered Alfredo a chance to use his leadership skills. He helps by providing support for the group, taking care of details concerning the travel and works as a coordinator for our group while we are on the trip. His quiet leadership style proves him to be a role model for the other students around him. Though the volume of his voice isn't high, his peers listen with rapt attention to his every word.

Dr. James Ball
Carroll Community College

Personal Statement

Growing up in a community where no one worked at fixing social problems such as poverty, hunger, environmental contamination, etc. has led me to be the change I want to see. Many people and organizations helped me when I moved to Westminster so serving is a way to give back to my community. In addition, volunteering is something I enjoy doing, just like a hobby. Feeling satisfaction after changing someone's day is one of the best emotions I have experienced, and watching what I have accomplished inspires me to serve even more. I serve because I wish someone had served in the community where I grew up. Also, I want to be an inspiration for others, letting them know that the change they want to see starts with oneself.

Alfredo Reyes
Education: Class of 2015
written 2016

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