Alexus Loyd

Kentucky State University

At Kentucky State University, students are encouraged to "Enter to Learn and Go Out to Serve" and Alexus Loyd, a sophomore in the Whitney Young Honors Program adopted this motto as her personal mantra long ago. She is a student leader who not only actively participates in multiple student organizations, but also strives to educate and emulate the importance and impact of Historically Black Colleges and Universities on the community, students, and history. Alexus has volunteered well over one hundred hours this year, mentoring and inspiring others to reach their academic and personal goals. Doing so by working in accordance with her University and utilizing their resources to engage in opportunities to speak and educate High School students. She serves her community in multiple ways, one of which through participating in youth mentoring programs in which she bonds and builds a positive and supportive relationship with the youth in the community. Alexus emulates academic excellence, commitment to serving her community, and Leadership through her involvement in multiple student organizations, community service projects and her rigorous course study. She is committed to being an agent for change for at-risk students while developing her skills as a dedicated servant leader.

M. Christopher Brown II
Kentucky State University

Personal Statement

The importance, impact, and historical reference Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have on the community, Students, and history had been circulating around me since my senior year of High School. I went to a Historically Black College fair and there is where I learned about a whole other group of post-secondary educational school systems. Even then I did not know the grave historical impact these universities had, I still chose to attend Kentucky State University. Following my first year, I learned and realized how important these institutions are for not only the students within them, but the community as well. These Universities provide Students the ability to learn about the history and culture of the black people and their communities in a more in-depth way. Students at HBCU's actually experience the culture of our ancestors in today's society. The beginning of my Sophomore year is when I took the initiative to educate High School students on the topic of HBCU's. To first inform them that Historically Black Colleges exist, and then to further educate them on their history and impact. HBCU's are more than relics of the past. They can shape the present and future.

Alexus Loyd
Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting: Class of 2021
written 2019

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