Alexis Lenderman

Western Michigan University

Alexis Lenderman, a triple major junior at Western Michigan University, is a committed student regularly engaging in anything that gives her the opportunity to bring about equality for all people. She plans to use her three degrees to someday serve as an ambassador with the United Nations to help advocate for human rights. Alexis runs her own business, which helps college students access the funds they need to receive an education. She has been a part of ten different student organizations all of which are centered on using business or entrepreneurship to bring about positive change. Alexis is a recipient of the Seita Scholars Program Scholarship, which is given to Western students that have experienced foster care in their teen years. She works closely with the Program to bring awareness and help to other foster care youth. She is regularly advocating for change by joining in on events and or creating her own. She recently proposed an event to the Honors College called "All Things Detroit" to shed light on the positive changes occurring in Detroit. Alexis is constantly thinking of ways to change the world around her, and she is quick to act on many of them.

John Dunn
Western Michigan University

Personal Statement

As a first generation college student that aged out of the foster care system, I have seen the power of advocacy on behalf of marginalized populations firsthand. I spent years feeling as if I did not have a voice, so I am determined to use my voice to address social issues affecting those that have also felt unheard. I regularly take advantage of opportunities to support positive social change. I attend Black Lives Matter Teach-ins, Advocacy summits, Model United Nations Conference, etc. I also created a community calendar to make my peers aware of the opportunities presented to them in their community because I know social change does not happen alone. I am also passionate about worldwide change. I have studied abroad five different times, and I serve as a Study Abroad Alumni Ambassador to make others aware of the opportunity. Through this experience, I realized that finances can present a barrier to students receiving the best education they can. As a result, I created a business called "The Scholarship Expert", where I assist students in accessing needed funds. Knowledge is power, and it cannot be taken away from someone. I want to give knowledge to others to bring about social change.

Alexis Lenderman
Entrepreneurship; Food Service Administration; Global Inernational Studies; Nonprofit Leadership minor: Class of December 2018
written 2017

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