Alexis Harris

Rose State College

Alexis Harris, a second year student at Rose State College, is a student leader who is passionate about supporting minority youth in her community. She has worked tirelessly on our campus and in our area to contribute to issues directly related to poverty and empowerment of others. Alexis has a heart for service and makes meaningful connections and contributions to every community of which she is a part. She is a strong leader whose actions inspire others to lead purpose driven lives.

Jeanie Webb
Rose State College

Personal Statement

When I first began my education at Rose State I was shy and preferred to stay to myself. Over time I grew from a wallflower to someone who loved to be hands on with events that took place on campus. In the span of two years I became a President's Leadership Student and started a chapter of an organization called Women of Purpose on campus. While being engaged in both organizations, I was given the opportunity to recognize my passion which is working with minority youth. I wholeheartedly want to be a positive influence and have an impact on their lives. I want to show them that although the odds are stacked against them they can do anything they work hard for. I realize that I am not only doing this for myself but for those who look up to me. Being the person that I needed when I was younger is something I strive to be. The awards I have received mean nothing if I have not affected the lives of others during the process. I am extremely blessed to have a people in my life who motivate me daily. I hope to do the same for others.

Alexis Harris
Mass Communication: Class of May 2018 (Rose State College), May 2020 (Central Oklahoma)
written 2018

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