Alexandra Soth

Normandale Community College

Alexandra Soth is a Normandale student with plans on transferring to a college or university to get her Bachelor's degree in Social Work. She is driven to social work because of her hundreds of hours of volunteering she has done on and off campus. On campus she is a Peer Mentor for TRIO Student Support Services and also does peer mentoring for students not meeting the college's Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, to help provide them with support, accountability, and resources. Off campus she has volunteered with many organizations, including a homeless shelter, domestic violence and human trafficking nonprofit, mentoring program for immigrant and refugee girls, day program for people with dementia, food delivery program for people with life-threatening illnesses, and a college and careers exploration program for under-served seniors in high school. Her experience building relationships with people and organizations in her community with make her an outstanding social worker.

Joyce Ester
Normandale Community College

Personal Statement

My actions in addressing issues of inequality have been through volunteering at multiple non-profit organizations. I've dedicated my time to volunteering at nonprofit organizations and educating myself on the problems that each are advocating for. I get motivated by the relationships I built with people to improve society. I chose Social Work as my major because of the people I came across while volunteering. The stories and experiences I've had with people experiencing homelessness, clients with dementia, at-risk youth, first-generation college students, and so many others have shown me the importance of human connection. I get so inspired by people I meet and it's not necessarily who that person is, but what they can become; this is what motivates me to improve society. My kind of social change is building intentional relationships. I believe building intentional and positive relationships with people can make us kinder, better, and more compassionate people. I believe when people are compassionate, it helps to make our world a safer and kinder place to be in.

Alexandra Soth
Social Work: Class of 2020
written 2018

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