Alexander Ferrer

Chatham University

Alexander Ferrer, a junior at Chatham University, is a student and community leader active in addressing a variety of issues on campus and beyond. Alex serves not only as a Resident Assistant with the Office of Residence Life, but is also the Executive Vice President of the Chatham Student Government, a mentor for the R.I.S.E Program, and an intern with the Pittsburgh City Council-District 8 Office. At Chatham, Alex provides compassionate leadership to his peers, who constantly seek his guidance and advice as they transition to college. Alex was one of Chatham's first male students when the institution went co-educational in 2015. He worked with the Office of Multicultural Affairs to facilitate a group dialogue between faculty, staff, and fellow students on gender and the challenges and opportunities available at Chatham as we move from an all-female institution to a co-educational one. Continuing this work, Alex remains an active member of the Men's Group at Chatham, a support and resource group for male students. Through his internship with the Pittsburgh City Council, Alex performs research related to many local issues, including gun control, fire safety codes, and the elimination of single-use bags and other plastics, to provide information for legislative reports and presentations. These efforts contribute to long-term legislative projects and development of policies that benefit the community.

Dr. David Finegold
Chatham University

Personal Statement

While working towards my Bachelor's Degree in Policy studies, I strive to guide and motivate my fellow students to stay focused, work hard, and reach the highest potential while in college. This desire to create a stronger community led me to a variety of leadership roles at Chatham. I am a mentor for students of color through the R.I.S.E. Student Mentorship program, a Resident Assistant (RA), the Executive Vice President for Chatham University Student Government (CSG), and a Panel Facilitator for the Diversity Dialogues. This work helps me utilize my leadership skills and model the way for residents to appreciate and contribute positively to a diverse, welcoming, inclusive, and respectful community. As Executive Vice President of CSG, I'm able to advocate for my class and the undergraduate student body by providing innovative problem solving strategies and proposing programs and services that enhance the lives of students. I am also an intern with the Pittsburgh City Council, District 8 Office, where I work with the public and conduct research on important social and political issues (such as gun control, fire safety, and eliminating single-use plastics), providing information for legislative reports and to inform policy.

Alexander Ferrer
Policy Studies: Class of 2020
written 2019

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