Albert Martinez-Castro

Inver Hills Community College

Foreign land. Foreign norms. Foreign language. I was born to a family of Mexican-immigrants who chose to restart their life in the most northern state, Minnesota, where the color of snow reflected much of its population. As a Mexican-American growing up, micro-aggressions were the norm; Spanish was the foreign language in school, and my experiences were dissimilar with classmates and teachers. I became aware of the social issues that encompassed my life. Moreover, I wasn't the only one experiencing similar issues. Conversing with my friends of color had informed me the issues they faced were as real as mine. Furthermore, I began confronting social issues by having inclusive productive dialogue among communities that normally do not communicate.

Tim Wynes
Inver Hills Community College

Personal Statement

Entering community college, my goal has been to create a more inclusive space for underrepresented students. On campus, I am heavily involved with the Black Student Union on campus as we organize events and dialogues to find common ground among the community. I also am an inpatient volunteer at Children's Hospital as they have been a huge part of my brothers my life. I give them thanks by being their volunteer.

Albert Martinez-Castro
Real Estate : Class of 2019
written 2017

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