Alanna Jackson

Colorado College

Alanna Jackson, a third-year student at Colorado College, is a student leader active in reducing voter inequities and increasing access to the polls for college students on election days. Currently they work with the Colorado Youth Election Advisory Coalition to collect information about the needs of high school voters. They work as a mentor, role model, and tutor for at-risk boys; serve as a mentor to new students in CC’s First Year Program; lead as vice president for outreach for the Colorado College Student Government Association; and work in the Admission office interviewing prospective students and evaluating their potential for success at the college. Alanna is a sociology major and international speech and debate competitor who also is dedicated to improving LGBTQ rights and improving the immigration system.

L. Song Richardson
Colorado College

Personal Statement

My family often jokes that I am far too opinionated to serve on a jury, evidenced by my heated outbursts, from supporting the #MeToo Movement and migrant rights to banning intersex surgery and conversion therapy. Yet, this fiery passion didn’t always bubble to the surface. During my childhood, in the midst of my mother’s divorce from my father, I remember feeling shy and powerless. However, over the years, as I watched my single mother resiliently pursue higher education and sustain my sisters and me, I grew inspired to speak my truth and advocate for change. My passion lies in addressing legalized violence and cultural genocide, specifically targeted towards women, people of color, queer and trans folks, and migrants. As a sociology major and statistics minor, I address the root causes of social issues through uncovering and dissecting data and collaborating with other community organizers, which is apparent within my work this past summer with Grassroots Leadership for the #ShutDownHuttoDetentionCenter Campaign. As CC Student Government’s Vice President, I have worked to increase voter access and education in Colorado Springs and on campus. Ultimately, my social action prioritizes forefronting specific needs of community members, relating across differences, and empathetically centering personal narratives.

Alanna Jackson
Sociology: Class of May 2023
written 2022

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