Aimee Urbina

Weber State University

Aimee Urbina, a third-year student at Weber State University (WSU), is an invested student leader who works daily to foster a culture of sustainable practices on campus. She educates students about sustainable programs at WSU and in the community, while also listening to concerns of students regarding the environment. Aimee is a strong advocate for student voices through her environmental work, but also through her engagement with Latinos in Action, Amnesty International and WSU's peer mentoring and American Democracy Project programs. Aimee is focused on teaching students about their voice and how to share their voices through deliberative dialogue and advocacy opportunities. Additionally, she is focused on better human rights and conditions through her international engagement experiences.

Charles Wight
Weber State University

Personal Statement

Growing up, my parents would take my sister and I to their remote village in Guerrero, Mexico, which is now marked as a "do not travel" zone under the U.S. State Department. While there, I would learn about the little to no education system available, as well as the low access opportunities for political engagement. These visits inspired me to expand my own views and bring what I could back "home" to the U.S. where a vast number of opportunities exist. In high school, I got involved in Latinos in Action, which provided me with a comfortable environment where I felt empowered while also having an amazing teacher to guide me on my educational journey. Once I got into college, I was able to join the Weber State LIA chapter and be a part of numerous clubs and organizations that also coincide with my passions, some of them being: Amnesty International, American Democracy Project, and Environmental Ambassadors. Taking part in the community, protecting our environment and being civically engaged is what I strive to do. Hopefully, one day I can rest assured that my parents and their "pueblo" are proud.

Aimee Urbina
Political Science: Class of 2019
written 2018

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