Aimeé Navarro Villegas

Marquette University

Aimeé Navarro Villegas is committed to undoing social inequality and helping build strong communities through her several commitments and actions on and off campus. A Milwaukee native, Aimeé is a junior at Marquette University and is working on obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology, and a minor in Gender and Sexualities Studies. As an incoming freshman, she was awarded the Burke Scholarship, an intensive four-year program that supports students who are committed to social justice and community service in Milwaukee. She is currently a College Coach for the Graduation Plus Department at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee where she works with high school students helping them gain access to higher education. She has also worked with new multi-cultural college students, helping them transition to college through the RISE program at Marquette. Finally, she has chaired the Dreamers Gala for two years; this event helps fund a scholarship for undocumented students at Marquette University. Aimeé plans on obtaining a Master of Education in Student Affairs in Higher Education after graduation, and with that continue try to dismantle social problems throughout her professional career.

Dr. Michael Lovell
Marquette University

Personal Statement

I volunteered through many local organizations in Milwaukee before college. Through my experience as a Stein Scholar at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, I was able to see the educational inequalities Milwaukee residents were subjected to and this ignited a passion for deeper change. Taking different approaches like fundraising and mentorship, I have been committed to making higher education more accessible for Milwaukee students. I have taken a leadership role as the chair for the Dreamers Gala, an event that helps fund a scholarship for undocumented students. I have also joined the same team that aided me in my college journey and serve as a College Coach for Graduation Plus at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee. Besides this tangible work, I am also devoted to advocacy. Sometimes by supporting Hispanic Serving Institution initiatives at Marquette or advocating for DACA on campus. Other times I am out in my community working with lobbyists and government representatives. Advocacy also means taking part in a community or student panel and facilitating events centered around social issues and new initiatives. My passion takes many shapes, but it is always intentional in trying to make a positive change in Milwaukee.

Aimeé Navarro Villegas
Anthropology: Class of 2020
written 2019

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