Aeon Blake

Farmingdale State College

Aeon Blake, a senior at Farmingdale State College, is a student leader who actively pursues the social justice applications of his undergraduate coursework in Business Management. As a scholar in the Research Aligned Mentorship (RAM) program, Aeon has designed and implemented research projects to illuminate the complexities of the lived immigrant experience in the United States. During his sophomore year, he designed a project to better understand the academic and psychological impacts of immigration. More recently, he designed a project to understand the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Jamaican economy. Aeon recently participated in the annual SUNY Student Leadership Academy, where he showcased the issues that impact the immigrant and minority communities. His long-range goals include utilizing a career in the field of Accounting to assist underprivileged groups, particularly in struggling economies such as that of his home country of Jamaica. Aeon is unique in that he holds a global perspective on economic and social challenges, and aspires to utilize his skills and education to create impactful, local solutions.

John Nader
Farmingdale State College

Personal Statement

Four years ago, I migrated to the United States in pursuit of academic greatness. As a first-generation college student, I sought educational opportunities that expanded my knowledge while fulfilling my need to engage with my community. This includes being a member and scholar of the Farmingdale State College Research Aligned Mentorship (RAM) program. Since my acceptance into this prestigious program, I developed a strong passion for investigating the economic and academic issues affecting immigrants and minority communities. My initial research focused on the effects of immigration on a young adult’s academic and psychological performance. My second proposal highlighted the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the Jamaican economy, including investigating the strain the country endured, how it affected businesses, and the steps the government implemented to tackle the pandemic. With this in mind, I participated in the annual SUNY Student Leadership Academy, which provided the opportunity to showcase the issues impacting the immigrant and minority communities. Moving forward, I hope to pursue my career in the field of Accounting, where I can assist the underprivileged groups efficiently. It’s important that I attempt to assist and uplift the community that I’m a part of as a way to create positive change.

Aeon Blake
Business Management: Class of 22-May
written 2021

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