Adriana Guadana-Huizar

College of the Holy Cross

Adriana Guadana-Huizar, a sophomore at the College of the Holy Cross, was selected for the fellowship because of her extensive on-campus and off-campus engagement, her commitment to advocacy for the most vulnerable among us, and her embrace of the Jesuit ideal of being a woman "for and with others." Among other activities, she has taught English to individuals preparing for the naturalization exam, interns with Ascentria Care Alliance's Immigration Legal Assistance Program, and serves as the co-chair of the Latin American Student Organization. In this role, she strives to inform the Holy Cross community of the challenging realities Latinx individuals face and actively engage in efforts to resist proposed policies that dehumanize immigrants. An anthropology and international studies major with a focus on global governance and international law, her academic and extracurricular interests arise from the fact that she is a first generation college student and the proud daughter of two immigrants from Mexico. She has a deep awareness of the sacrifices her parents have made on her behalf and this has propelled her desire to succeed in higher education and utilize her education to give back to those facing challenges similar to what she has seen her parents undergo.

Fr. Philip Boroughs S.J.
College of the Holy Cross

Personal Statement

I first began to witness the inequalities that immigrant individuals face on a day to day basis in my very own household, with my father having an undocumented status. After gaining exposure to the process of trying to receive legal status in the United States by volunteering at a number of citizenship workshops and at my current internship site, I realized the number of barriers individuals face that ultimately prevent them from doing so. On campus, I am the co-chair of the Latin American Student Organization, where we strive to inform our campus members of the realities Latinx individuals face and actively engage in efforts to resist proposals that ultimately dehumanize the lives of immigrants. It is in collaborating with one another and sharing that what binds us together is humanity that we communicate our objective. Outside of Holy Cross, I am an intern at a non-profit organization services are provided for individuals who wish to gain legal access to the United States. I have maintained the stories of these human beings close to my heart, driven to advocate for and serve these individuals to the best of my ability.

Adriana Guadana-Huizar
Antropology & International Studies: Class of 2021
written 2019

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