Adrian Summers

Hamilton College

A sophomore at Hamilton College, Adrian Summers collaborates with student organizations, faculty, and staff to pave the way for others to make the most of their education. This work began in high school where Adrian provided academic assistance and mentoring to his peers. President of Hamilton's Black and Latinx Student Union, he addresses social issues on campus, and in the neighboring community. As ambassador to the Student Diversity Council and Student Assembly class representative, Adrian spearheads initiatives to provide physical spaces for students to gather to address social issues. In addition to his service endeavors, he holds three campus positions: resident advisor, audiovisual technician, and admission office overnight host coordinator. As an RA he conducts workshops addressing issues including diversity and inclusion, substance abuse, and academic performance. Providing AV support for public lectures, Adrian is quick to step out from behind the camera to ask thought provoking questions to guest speakers. His advisors note, "His footprint is on almost every positive activist initiative on this campus." "Adrian distinguishes himself by working very hard with student organizations to be more collaborative and to form united fronts on issues of culture and concern. He has voice and he uses it for good."

David Wippman
Hamilton College

Personal Statement

In an under-resourced high school in the Bronx, I became a mentor as the first captain of my high school's track team. I recognized that students needed to prioritize academic work. During lunch hours and after practices I assisted students with homework and college essays. I expanded academic opportunities and changed the culture for student athletes who relied on sports to escape their low-economic status.

At Hamilton, I work as a mentor and advocate for access to educational opportunities. As president of the Black and Latinx Student Union, I manage community outreach projects for underserved students in Utica, NY. Collaborating with fellow Student Assembly Representatives, I am raising funds for a scholarship for local high school students. Through the multicultural peer mentoring program, as a head mentor, I assist students during their first year in college. As Student Diversity Council ambassador, I participate in a collective effort to transform spaces for students to convene and organize social change efforts. I am dedicated to maintaining programs that are sustainable for future student generations.

To improve college readiness, last summer at Hostos Community College, I worked as an ESL teacher for immigrant students. I aspire to work in education reform and access.

Adrian Summers
Africana Studies (major); anthropology, theatre (minors): Class of May 2019
written 2017

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