Aditya Singh

Bellarmine University

Aditya is an honors student and leader on campus. His contributions on campus, in the community, and in the world are already cultivating positive change and inspiring others to make a difference. Adi’s commitment to humankind is what drives his purpose: his desire to be a doctor comes from his passion for service and helping others. Adi sees the intrinsic dignity in each individual and serves with the goal of allowing all of humanity to blossom.

Dr. Susan Donovan
Bellarmine University

Personal Statement

Spending the first eight years of my life in India, where the streets of even the best neighborhoods house some of the poorest people of the country, I formed an understanding of disadvantage, without the means to act on it. When my father’s work took me back there in my sophomore year of high school, I was in a position to contribute. Together with my younger brother, we established bi-weekly classes for the homeless children around our communities whose parents could not afford to have them go to school. Recruiting friends, we established an environment the children felt eager to return to. This deepened my understanding of the fact that there existed no correlation between their impoverished disposition and their desire to learn. Returning to America, I sought to incorporate my want to serve with my desire to become a doctor. I spent much of the rest of my high school life coordinating blood drives and co-organizing and assisting food kitchens and health safety workshops. On campus now, I head the Biology Club’s Service and Outreach programs, engaging our club members in service opportunities across the city that simultaneously enrich the community and help the students expand their purview.

Aditya Singh
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, English Minor: Class of 2022
written 2020

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