Adam Broggi

Northampton Community College

Adam Broggi, a non-traditional student returning to Northampton Community College (NCC) after nearly 20 years in marketing and broadcast journalism is passionate about addressing social justice issues. In the past years, one of Adam's finest works on Eavan Boland’s verse in “A Man Doesn’t Have a Memory: History and Poetry” provided a detailed interpretation that evoked the struggles of the Irish people, as they revolted against their oppressive British overlords, from the 12th century until the present.

Recently, Adam supported NCC's Center for Civic and Community Engagement in developing strategies to modernize the promotion, application, and selection process of the Student Service Project Endowment in Memory of Craig T. Stewart that provided funds to support three NCC students to implement their service projects. The first service project “Put your Money Where Your Mouth is” introduced financial literacy events to NCC sites; the second project “Glitz Project” provided high school students used prom dresses and accessories, and held workshops on financial management and self-care, and the third project “2019 Honors in Action Project” on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) relating to underserved students focused on getting students more involved in studying and excelling in these subject areas.

Dr. Mark Erickson
Northampton Community College

Personal Statement

I feel a definite sense of duty to continue giving back to the college community that has given me so much since returning after nearly twenty years in the workforce. During my tenure in a large broadcast news organization, I witnessed first-hand the positive effects that civic and social engagement can have on underserved populations on a global scale. But, I believe strongly that real, lasting change always starts at home. Through volunteering with the college, I was able to help successfully fund three separate, student-led community initiatives and will continue to advocate for more resources with the assistance of our faculty and staff. Preparing and serving food with a group of students at our local soup kitchen also taught me a great deal about the needs of our community. In the future, I hope to draw further on my experience in technology and communications to foster an environment where ideas that have a positive impact on our community, both on and off campus, can become a reality.

Adam Broggi
English: Class of 2021
written 2020

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