Call for Articles – Michigan Journal Special Section on Global Service-Learning

February 24, 2015

The Fall 2015 issue of the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning (MJCSL) will feature a second special section on global service-learning guest co-edited by Richard Kiely, Cornell University, and Eric Hartman, Kansas State University. Please consider submitting an article to this special section of the MJCSL.

As framed in the introduction to the first special section on this topic that appeared in the Fall 2014 issue (Volume 21 Number 1), global service-learning is:

a community-driven service experience that employs structured, critically reflective practice to better understand common human dignity; self; culture; positionality; socio-economic, political, and environmental issues; power relations; and social responsibility, all in global contexts.

The editors welcome submissions of articles focusing on innovations in pedagogy, theory, research, practice, institutional models, and campus-community partnerships in global service-learning. The editors strongly encourage quantitative, qualitative, and theoretical contributions that advance knowledge in the field of global service-learning through rigorous methods that build upon existing literature. To see examples of articles published in the first special section, see McMillan & Stanton’s “’Learning Service’ in International Contexts: Partnership-based Service-Learning and Research in Cape Town, South Africa” and Reynold’s “What Counts as Outcomes? Community Perspectives of an Engineering Partnership” at the link in the second paragraph above.

Submissions are due May 1st to Richard Kiely at: Authors will receive notification in July/August.

The MJCSL is a national, peer-reviewed journal with faculty and administrator subscribers and readers all over the world, and publishes articles on: research, theory, pedagogy, and other issues pertinent to (a) curriculum-based service-learning, (b) campus-community partnerships, (c) scholarship of engagement, and (d) scholarship on engagement.

Please consult submission guidelines for more information ( and to review articles from past issues.

Questions may be directed to Richard Kiely at (

Thank you.

Jeffrey Howard, Editor
Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning

Richard Kiely, PhD
Guest Co-Editor, Special Section on Global Service-Learning

Eric Hartman, Ph.D.
Guest Co-Editor, Special Section on Global Service-Learning

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