National Inventory of Institutional Infrastructure for Community Engagement (NIIICE)

The NIIICE was designed by Marshall Welch and John Saltmarsh to provide campuses with an instrument that can be used to understand their readiness to participate in community engaged work and to effectively construct campus civic action plans.

The NIIICE has been used since 2011. You can read more about the outcomes from the NIIICE in Welch, M. & Saltmarsh, J. (2013). Current Practice and Infrastructures for Campus Centers of Community Engagement, 17: 4 (pp. 25+)

New for 2018! Campus Compact member campuses are invited to participate in a special collection of the NIIICE inventory.

Campus Compact will not be sending out its traditional member survey for 2017. Instead, we encourage member campuses to participate in this special opportunity for research and reflection.

Campus Compact, in collaboration with the Swearer Center, the American Democracy Project, and NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education: NASPA LEAD Initiative are asking for your help in building a data set for a new revision of the NIIICE inventory.

Why participate?

  1. Contribute to knowledge in the field. Results from this special Collection of the NIIICE will be collected and published in a report from Campus Compact, ADP, and NASPA LEAD.
  2. Understand the elements of engaged infrastructure. Simply by completing the inventory, you will have a better understanding of what it takes to support engaged work on your campus. For a small fee, you can receive a customized report that compares your inventory responses to the entire data set and to peer institutions. (Check back soon to see a sample report.)
  3. Get ready to complete your Carnegie Classification or attend an Engaged Campus Institute.

The NIIICE survey is now available on the Swearer Center website. Click the link below to complete the NIIICE survey.

What is the NIIICE? The NIIICE is a 120-question inventory of your campus’ engaged infrastructure. The inventory asks questions about topics such as community based curriculum, organized infrastructure, budgets, etc. The NIIICE can be completed in two to three hours. Approximately 80% of the items can be completed either by an individual director or staff of a campus center or office coordinating community/civic engagement with little or no preparation or research. The remaining 20% will require obtaining data that can be retrieved from the institution’s website and/or registrar’s office. The inventory can be completed by a single, knowledgeable professional or by a team or staff as an exercise.

How much will it cost? An institution can participate in the NIIICE data collection project for free. The cost to receive an individualized campus report is $150. If your campus has already participated in the NIIICE through an Engaged Instituted, the cost is $50.

Campus Compact is excited to announce its partnership with the American Democracy Project, the National Association of Student Affairs Professionals and the Swearer Center, and the NIIICE for 2018.