Making College Happen Through Financial Aid Incentive Programs

Making College Happen Through Financial Aid Incentive Programs

A well-designed financial aid incentive program couples a pre-college pipeline program targeting traditionally under-represented populations with an appropriate combination of scholarships, grants, and tuition discounts that covers 100% of tuition for students who meet admissions standards.

1. Guide to Creating Programs Offering Financial Aid Incentives

When considering a Financial Aid Incentive Program, consider the following:

  • What will the focus be? Potential focus for your incentive program may include:
    • The local neighborhood/host city
    • Underserved regions in the state
    • Underserved populations
  • Who will your partners be?
    • Local public schools
    • All local schools, public and private
    • Community organizations serving youth
  • What will the incentive look like based on your enrollment management goals?
  • What existing resources on your campus can you pull together to invest in the program?
  • How will you leverage existing resourrces to support underrepresented populations once they are admitted to your campus?

2. Exemplary Programs

3. Links to Additional Resources

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