CPV Pilot Study

This pilot study is limited to those who are eligible under our CPV Pilot Study Requirements. This ensures that the data being collected is reliable and is not skewed by the variability of implementation.

To be eligible, there must be an existing or ready-to-launch mentoring program that will involve volunteering with K-12 youth for at least 10 meet-ups. In addition, being a part of the pilot study involves the following commitments:

  1. Assigning a staff/faculty member as the CPV point of contact
  2. Sending the mentors the three-stage survey links (pre-training, post-training, and end of term)
    Please note: the surveys cannot be enforced as “mandatory.”
  3. Scheduling and arranging a facilitation of the CPV training and providing the tentative date(s)

Semester/term timeline

CPV Survey 1: Pre-Training
This survey is for college student mentors to take within a week prior to the CPV training.

CPV Training Session
Arrange a CPV Training session, which will include: the CPV PowerPoint presentation, Activities, Assessment, and Certification. Refer to (C) in the list of commitments above for more details.

CPV Survey 2: Post-Training
This survey is for college student mentors, now CPVs, to take within a week after the CPV training.

CPV Survey 3: End of Term
This survey is for college student mentors, now CPVs, to take within the last 2 weeks of their mentoring service. In order for Campus Compact to feature them as CPVs on our website, all three surveys must be completed.

How will this pilot study benefit you?

  • Include your program in a pool of national data to evaluate volunteer demographics, training effectiveness, and impact
  • Learn what aspects of your mentoring program are improved by integrating CPV
  • Look at your data within a national landscape
  • Showcase your mentoring program and institution’s partnership with the K-12 school/organization
  • Establish a corps of mentors who can learn collectively and share experiences