College Positive Volunteerism for Facilitators

It is essential for anyone who wants to become a CPV facilitator to read carefully through the CPV Curriculum tab, which includes the Overview of CPV Training before proceeding with this information to gain foundational knowledge about the surveys and training components.

At some point before you facilitate a training session, we highly suggest (a) watching the online CPV Train the Trainer video either by Dr. Paul Hernandez or by Melissa from Michigan Campus Compact; and (b) completing the activities and assessment that are available on the page previously mentioned. The Train the Trainer videos have all of the information that is included in a CPV training, but with a little more depth. This process will not only make you an official College Positive Volunteer, but will also allow you to identify what minor changes need to be implemented for personal or institutional purposes.

Step 1: Read over the Overview of CPV Training Curriculum

Step 2: Adjust the PowerPoint as needed, including statistics and information from the local community in which your volunteers will be serving, when possible.

Step 3: Print the appropriate amount of Supplement Materials for your volunteers.

Step 4: Print out the answer key and the appropriate amount of certificates.

Step 5: Have your volunteers take CPV Survey 1: Pre-Training

Step 6: Facilitate the CPV Training

Use personal examples and anecdotes where possible. At the end, present newly-certified College Positive Volunteers with certificates.

Step 7: Have your volunteers take CPV Survey 2: Post-Training


Please refer aspiring CPV mentors to the Overview of College Positive Volunteerism Training Curriculum page for the the following materials. Be sure to instruct the mentors to have the two supplements at hand when watching the training videos.
*Make sure to instruct the volunteer to take the CPV Survey 1: pre-training prior to the training, and CPV Survey 2: post-training immediately after the training. These are both available on the CPV Overview of Training page. In addition, do not forget to send a reminder at the end of their mentoring service to take the CPV Survey 3: end of term.

Step 1: Read over the Overview of CPV Training Curriculum

Step 2: Take CPV Survey 1: Pre-Training

Step 3: Print Supplement Materials to prepare for online training.

Step 4: Watch the CPV Online Training (Parts 1-3)

Step 5: Take CPV Survey 2: Post-Training

Step 5: Utilize CPV framework, activities, and skills throughout your service.

Step 7: Take CPV Survey 3: End of Term