College Positive Volunteerism Training

Overview of College Positive Volunteerism Training Curriculum

The College Positive Volunteerism training is designed for current or aspiring mentors of K-12 youth. The CPV curriculum is flexible and can be integrated into a wide array of programs, such as: event-based, short-term, or long-term service; paid or unpaid positions; and academic, co-curricular, or college preparatory mentoring.

CPV Training Components

The purpose of the presentation is to expose future CPVs to what College Positive Volunteerism is, to gain awareness on how to better prepare for a variety of different learners, and to learn about several resources. There are in-person and online options for the CPV Training Presentation.

There are four activities in total and they are given as breaks throughout the CPV Presentations. The activities encourage prospective CPVs to think about their own college experiences, how they might interact with youth in difficult situations, and what activities and resources they can make use of with their K-12 mentees.

Prospective CPVs will fill out an assessment sheet during the oral quiz or written quiz that takes place in both the in-person and the online CPV Training Presentation.

Now that you are a certified College Positive Volunteer, you can also lead CPV trainings to certify your peers.