About College Positive Volunteerism

What is College Positive Volunteerism?

As a college access program, CPV reflects efforts to increase the college enrollment and success for all students, and especially underrepresented students, by providing them with support and information about college preparation, paying for college, career selection, financial resources, etc.

What are College Positive Volunteers?

College Positive Volunteers are any trained college students (and their faculty and/or administrators) who are volunteering with, or plan to volunteer with, K-12 youth as a part of a course, service learning program, or mentoring opportunity on their college campuses. CPVs intentionally act as ambassadors of higher education when serving with youth, exposing them to college options, resources and materials to be successful in the college exploration and application process.

The CPV program includes a slightly different take on the traditional definition of “college.” It includes all of the following postsecondary institutions—four-year colleges and universities; two-year community and junior colleges; and vocational, technical, and business schools.