Living out Our Value of Equity

Campus Compact is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion based on a belief that for a democracy to thrive, diversity is a strength, inclusion is a must, and advancing equity is the only way to live up to the promise of full participation.

While institutions of higher education cannot on their own end racial injustice, there is much they can do, both by addressing the inequities that continue to characterize access and success in college and by mobilizing their resources. Below, find programming, resources, and tools to help in this work.

Campus Compact’s vision of full participation holds at its core equity. We hope that the steps we, as an organization and network, making moves towards the goal of Living Out our Value of Equity (LOVE). LOVE means engaging in both individual and collective reflection and action towards understanding the barriers that exist, who is impacted by those, and working toward eliminating the obstacles for participation in the health and well-being of our communities and society. It means that a commitment to democracy also means a commitment to truth-telling, supporting civic and community engagement that empowers the most marginalized and vulnerable, and confronting the discomfort with listening and dialogue. LOVE means reflecting on our reputations of harm, creating real and authentic spaces for inclusion that are safe, and building community through liberatory practices.

The LOVE resources are meant to be a starting point, not an end. A process, not a destination. A collection of creativity and humanity and not a recipe book. Our journey is collective, but our histories are different. Our experiences of American democracy vary depending on our identity. This is our current truth but does not have to be our future. We strive to be anti-racist in not only words, but in action, and Campus Compact, along with other organizations, is still in process. We invite you to LOVE with us, to help us LOVE, and share your stories of LOVE.

L.O.V.E. Notes

In our L.O.V.E. (Living out Our Value of Equity) Notes blog, we share ideas and stories about equity-based community engagement and fostering L.O.V.E. in our communities.