Living Out our Value of Equity: L.O.V.E. Notes

February 14, 2019


On this day dedicated to love and affection, Campus Compact would like to draw attention to a different kind of love by introducing our new monthly series, L.O.V.E. (Living out our Value of Equity) Notes. We’re kicking off this series as a means to share ideas and stories about fostering L.O.V.E in our communities. We hope these L.O.V.E. Notes will serve as inspiration to build equity models on your campuses that break down the barriers that impede full participation for members of your communities. In this, we define full participation as “an affirmative value focused on creating institutions that enable people, whatever their identity, background, or institutional position, to thrive, realize their capabilities, engage meaningfully in institutional life, and contribute to the flourishing of others” (Sturm 2006, 2010).

During this current moment in our collective history, we are witnessing an increase in hate crimes, hate groups, and intolerance. We cannot meet the promise of our democracy during these troubled times by sitting on the sidelines or allowing dehumanization to take place. Instead, as individuals and institutions dedicated to knowledge creation and the public purposes of higher education, we call on you to recommit to L.O.V.E.

What does this kind of L.O.V.E. call us to do, individually and as institutions? Here are some ideas gathered from different sources. Use them as tools for reflection and action. We invite you to share stories with us about what your institutions are doing to inspire L.O.V.E., eliminate barriers to full participation, and address racial inequity. Please send questions, stories, and ideas to us at

Living Out our Value of Equity (L.O.V.E.) Resources – article from Behavioral Health News Women of Color in the Academy Awake to Work to Woke: Building a Race Equity Culture publication – transformational equity, diversity, and inclusion trainings

Sturm, S. (2006). The architecture of inclusion: Advancing workplace equity in higher education. Harvard Journal of Law and Gender, 29, 247-334.

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