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UCLA Center for Community Engagement “Community Partnerships Coordinator”

  1. Coordinate community partnerships for CESC 50XP “Engaging Los Angeles,” including recruiting appropriate new partner organizations, confirming all details for matching students to the partner organizations, then matching students to partner organizations, and monitoring the partnerships. Prepare the quarterly entries for “Collaboratory” that document the CESC 50XP student work with community partners. (This course is offered 3 times per year, 120 students per quarter, and requires coordinating with 40-50 nonprofit organizations which take our students for 24+/- hours of supervised work over the quarter. Collaboratory is the online database utilized by UCLA and the Center for Community Engagement to record details of UCLA faculty and student community engagement activities.) 35%
  2. Support the utilization of Collaboratory among faculty, departments, and community partners: Assist faculty and departments offering community-engaged courses to collect data from students and community partner organizations to prepare entries documenting the community-engaged work for the Collaboratory website to communicate the details of activities and partnerships associated with UCLA community-engaged courses. Outreach to community partners to inform them about Collaboratory entries, and to help them maximize their use of Collaboratory.  20%
  3. Support assessment of community-engaged learning: Assist with ongoing assessment related to community-engaged teaching and learning with specific attention to community partners’ perspectives on working with UCLA faculty and students. 20%
  4. Support community-engaged course development: Identify new potential partner organizations that match the topical focus and learning objectives for newly developing community-engaged courses, outreach to staff at prospective partner organizations to learn about their needs and interest in becoming a partner organization and provide information about UCLA community-engaged courses. 15%
  5. Serve as the principal staff person for the Center for Community Engagement’s University-Community Partnership Council to provide community voice for the planning, development, and evaluation of undergraduate community-engaged teaching and learning at UCLA. 10%