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Hall Council Service Learning Representatives

Each of our residence halls has a hall council – or hall student government. One of the positions that almost all of the councils elect is a Service Learning Representative. It’s a volunteer position, and here are some traditional responsibilities: “”The Service Learning Representatives will be a liaison between XYZ Hall and the Center for Service Learning. The primary responsibilities of the Representative will be to coordinate activities in the hall that will enable residents to become involved in the campus and Bellingham community, and which will provide structured opportunities for residents to volunteer their time. The Service Learning Representative…

Freshman Seminar Program

Small groups of Washington State University first-year students “co-enroll” in a minimum of two courses, including required entry level courses and a freshman seminar. In the seminar courses students have a chance to meet with respresntatives from the campus and local communities. Each freshman seminar group completes a major research project based on community problems and presents their findings to the campus and local communities at a major exposition near the end of every semester. E-mail: Jean Henscheid at

Biology: Finding relvance in service

Biology 101, the introductory biology course at Western Washington University, lists as one of its primary objectives, to develop an understanding of science, the scientific method, and the relevance of science to our lives. To this end, all students are required to engage in a community project. Students engage in a community service effort of their choosing, and use the experience to reflect on the ways that their interactions with people and the environment relate to biology. From Service Matters 1998: Engaging Higher Education In the Renewal of America s Communities and American Democracy Contact: Biology Department at Phone: 360-650-3627…