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Cal in Berkeley Student Internship Program

Cal in Berkeley, a program of UC Berkeley’s Cal Corps Public Service Center, is a student internship program dedicated to connecting UC Berkeley students with internships in the City of Berkeley government, Berkeley Unified School District, and related community-based nonprofit organizations. Student interns are placed in positions for about 10 hours per week while attending a regular weekly service-learning seminar to discuss their internship experience, learn more about the Berkeley community, and reflect on the role of government service in the larger discussion of public service. Cal in Berkeley interns apply their academic experiences to specific projects in the community….

Student Advising: Cal Corps Public Service Center:

UC Berkeley’s Cal Corps Public Service Center coordinates a number of programs that prepare and support students, faculty, and staff in their community service interactions. Professional and peer advisors provide individualized and group counseling on selecting service sites, working with community partners, effective reflection activities, evaluation, risk management, and self-initiated service projects. The campus can access volunteer listings and advising tips through Cal Corps’ extensive website. Website:

Volunteer Placement Database

Over 300 community organizations, government offices, and local schools recruit volunteers through the Cal Corps Public Service Center Volunteer Placement Database, an all online volunteer recruiting system. Volunteer opportunities are listed according to agency identifier (ie faith-based, ethnic-specific, housing, etc.). The database is self-selective, allowing students, faculty, and staff to make personal contacts with agencies or to seek advising through Cal Corps’ advising network. The back-end database allows for easy access to agency information and searches to meet the needs of service-learning faculty and special service programs conducted by the campus. Website:

Urban Universities and their Role in Central City Economics, University of California at Berkeley

UC Berkeley participates in regional and neighborhood economic development through a consortium of Bay Area universities that provides technical support to urban development and housing initiatives. UC Berkeley’s Institute of Urban and Regional Development assisted in planning the “”New Asia Town”” commercial district. It is supported by Berkeley’s City and Regional Planning Department and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Excerpted from the Brookings Institute Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy’s “”Urban Universities and their Role in Central City Economies””, December 1997

Evaluation system

The Service-Learning Center has developed a comprehensive evaluation system to assess the impacts of service-learning on participants, institutions, and communities. It can be adapted to individual course and project goals to assess students’ academic, civic, ethical, personal, social, and career development through service-learning. Evaluation tools include a variety of surveys, focus group protocols, and student journal questions. Website

UC Berkeley’s Alternative Breaks Program

Alternative Breaks take teams of students to do community service and hands-on learning. Students participate in short-term projects during their winter break, spring break, or on a weekend. Housed at the Cal Corps Public Service Center, the campus Alternative Breaks program is student-led, with student leaders choosing the break leaders, designing break curriculum and service projects, and with fundraising efforts led by students. Unique to the campus program, each break leader teaches an integrated service-learning course as part of the break to prepare break participants for their experience and egage in effective reflection activities. Cal Corps Public Service Center website:…

Student Leadership for Campus Service Efforts

The Public Service Center brings together students, faculty, and communities to harness their collective wisdom in support of social justice, civic engagement, and transformative social change. Website: