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The Politics of San Francisco

San Francisco Political Issues: Housing and Economic Development (Political Science 475.1) San Francisco Urban Institute San Francisco State University Instructors: Dr. Brian Murphy, Political Science, Urban Institute Mr. Hadley Roff, former Deputy Mayor, San Francisco Mr. Calvin Welch, San Francisco Information Clearing House Ms. Sharen Hewitt, San Francisco Housing Authority Mr. Gordon Chin, Chinatown Community Development Corp .Introduction: This course offers San Francisco State University undergraduates an opportunity to study the recent political history of San Francisco, with a particular focus on the economic and social context within which policy debates and political engagement have emerged. More critically, the course…

Advanced Video Production and Advertising

Introduction This interdisciplinary course is designed to give Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts, Design & Industry, Speech Communication and Marketing students an opportunity to work together in a competitive, teamwork situation in the development of advertising campaigns for non-profit agencies. The purpose of this production class is to give students maximum exposure to the concepts and skills that are involved in the production of studio and field based television Public Service Announcement (PSA) and advertising; andto offer a community service opportunity. For our purposes, we will combine seven areas to form the art of Television Advertising Production. These are: 1….