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Student Resource Center and the Leadership Institute

The SDSU Student Resource Center oversees the Leadership Institute that has a number of programs, a conference, and a leadership course that are founded in the belief of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development (Higher Education Research Institute, University of California, Los Angeles). The Student Resource Center staff truly believes that the development of leadership skills can and should be linked to the community. All of their initiatives include a service-learning component. SDSU Service Learning home E-mail:

Center for Community-Based Service Learning (CCBSL)

One of several priorities identified in the University s 1997-1998 Shared Vision process, initiated by President Stephen Weber, was the establishment of The Center for Community-Based Service Learning (CCBSL). The mission of the CCBSL is to enhance learning and civic responsibility through community engagement. We believe that community-based service learning provides structured opportunities for students to learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized involvement that: 1) is conducted in the community and meets mutually identified needs; 2) is integrated into and enhances the academic experience of students by relating academic content to community issues; 3) fosters civic responsibility;…

Freshman Success Programs

Starting in the fall 1999, SDSU s Freshman Success Programs, with The Center for Community-Based Service Learning, began coordinating 12 community service-learning projects that faculty members include in their University Seminar class during the fall semester. These projects are geared to introduce freshman students to community involvement and community-based learning. Through these projects, the CCBSL introduces first-year students and SDSU faculty to the rich learning that comes as a result of involving students in activities that address community-identified needs. SDSU Service Learning home: E-mail:

Community Advocacy Program (CAP): students play the role of a community service facilitator

Based on the needs of the campus and our surrounding communities, the CCBSL has amplified the role of students as contributors to the development of community-based service learning at SDSU and the development of strong community partnerships with agencies where we can place students in regular, on-going service. To provide the support and expansion, we created the Community Advocacy Program (CAP) which trains student leaders to act as responsible citizens in response to needs identified within the San Diego and Southern California region. Each CAP Leader is a volunteer coordinator with a partner agency and SDSU course or package of…

Social and Ethical Issues in Business

College of Business Administration Meets: T 4:00-6:40 pm, BA 342 Schedule Number: 22315 Instructor: Assoc. Professor Craig P. Dunn, Ph.D. Office: SS 3105 Office Hours: 3:00-4:00 pm T and by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION: Ethics of various issues in business, including social responsibility, environmental protection, privacy, individual rights, occupational safety and health, product liability, equality of opportunity, and the morality of capitalism. What is the corporation? Do corporations–and more particularly the managers who represent them–have any responsibilities beyond seeking to maximize shareholder wealth? Is the term “business ethics” an oxymoron? What is the source of moral truth? These and other related…