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Video production course: public awareness

As a service-learning project for a course in video production, Matthew McLaughlin, a student at Raritan Valley Community College, volunteered over 100 hours of video-taping and editing time to film a documentary about a 22-year-old woman who, despite multiple disabilities, has set up and runs her own vending machine business. National organizations have subsequently used the short documentary to demonstrate that people who are disabled can live independent and productive lives.   From Service Matters 1998: Engaging Higher Education In the Renewal of America s Communities and American Democracy

“Trends in Nursing” students attend “Nursing, the Community and Legislation” seminar

Four students enrolled in Trends in Nursing attended a seminar at the New Jersey State Nurses Association regarding the legislative process. As a result of what they learned from the seminar, the students interest was piqued, motivating them to follow a bill through the legislative process regarding mandatory overtime. Subsequently, they attended a senatorial committee meeting where they witnessed first hand the importance of their participation in the political process, as well as how their support and involvement could make a difference within the community. After reflecting on their experiences, they decided to prepare a document describing this process as…

Growth of Service-Learning Program

Our Service-Learning Program has witnessed dramatic growth since its inception in 1993, and has developed into one of the mainstays of the curriculum and of the College s relationship with the community. The Program now serves more than 800 students annually with approximately 200 organizations as community partners, and 65 full-time faculty engaged in teaching service learning. The growth of our Service Learning Program has created stronger collaborative efforts between the College and numerous community organizations as well as K through 12 schools. Prior to service learning, there had been a fair amount of community collaboration and problem-solving in both…

“Managerial Accounting” and The American Cancer Society: A Blending of Business and Community

Business and Public Service is a dynamic, forward-looking department that believes there is more to earning a degree or certificate than textbook knowledge. Working with community leaders and business partners, Raritian Valley Community College has developed innovative programs that help students develop professional skills as well as foster entrepreneurship and civic responsibility. Internship opportunities are available to help gain hands-on experience. Website

“Managerial Accounting” course and Alternatives, Inc.: Business Education, Community Benefits

Four students enrolled in Managerial Accounting at Raritan Valley Community College turned their business skills towards a project that benefited the community in a lasting way. As a group effort, the College students researched, developed and implemented a business plan to help the community organization Alternatives, Inc. acquire a financial database management system to support its new 52 client-housing unit. The students learned that they have the potential to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the community while developing their leadership, teamwork and communication skills. Website:

Human Behavior and the Social Environment

Course Description: The course will examine individual, group, organizational and societal theories of human development and their relevancy for social work practice. Students will use the theoretical paradigms presented to examine individual and social issues arising in social work practice. Fifteen hours of field work are required as a context for applying class room learning and preparing a case study for class presentation.   Required Texts: Zastrow, C.H., & Kirst-Ashman, K.K. (latest edition). Understanding human behavior and the social environment. Belmont, CA: Brookes/Cole. NASW Code of Ethics, most recent edition. Other assigned readings will be provided from: Fine, M., Weiss,…