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Physical education for home schoolers

Evidence shows that home-schooled children often do not have a healthy regimen of physical education in their home curriculum. In response to this problem, a professor of health at Manchester College asked students in a course on physical education to provide services to home-schooled children and their parents. Students apply motor learning theory to develop activities for home schooling families, then work with families to devise a physical education schedule that will properly develop their children s abilities and health.   From Service Matters 1998: Engaging Higher Education In the Renewal of America s Communities and American Democracy Website

Art Restoration and Preservation

SYLLABUS, SCHEDULE AND INTRODUCTION TO FYC (First year colloquium) All FYC courses have certain goals and exercises in common; they differ only in their subject-matter. Instead or your being required to take a series of basic skills classes, acquisition of these basic skills has been incorporated as part of the course you are taking. You will need these skills in order to continue your education, and to succeed in your professions after you graduate, whatever your career aims may be. What are these basic skills?: Good command of English, both written and spoken. Familiarity with computers, including ability to type,…