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PREP (Post-Secondary Readiness Enrichment Program)

Designed to provide at-risk middle school students with encouragement to achieve academic success and take advantage of post-secondary educational opportunities, this program uses science education, creative writing, and music therapy, as well as other topical avenues, to prepare the students to meet university system admission requirements and to gain a sense of competence and confidence as learners. The program currently sends GC&SU students, from a wide range of disciplines, into eleven schools in five counties. Contact: Teresa Taylor at (478) 445-5772 or

Meals on Wheels (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

Through coupling GC&SU students with the Baldwin County meal delivery service, this program identifies and monitors elderly population in Baldwin county by assessing nutritional and loneliness scales, healthcare issues related to safety in the home, education, and the need for community services. The project yields significant information necessary to implement outcome assessments, as well as establishing a beneficial connection between elderly community residents and student caregivers. Contact: Teresa Taylor at (478) 445-5772 or


This project sponsored by the South Poverty Law Center, the National Communication Association, Campus Compact, and the American Association for Higher Education, teams faculty and college-level communication students with elementary and secondary students to implement programs that foster respect for diversity and combat prejudice in communities across America. GC&SU recently received provisional partnership in this program and Communication faculty are working with the Service Learning Coordinator to design a community-specific program to advance multicultural education, appreciation of diversity, and a community environment in which hate, hate speech, and hate crimes are not tolerated. Contact: Teresa Taylor at (478) 445-5772 or…

BIDS (Business Interdisciplinary Studies)

Students in the J. Whitney Bunting School of Business volunteer business skills acquired in academic classes to benefit community non-profit organizations. The focus on individual and team projects provides students with opportunities to apply classroom skills in professional business settings while learning the significance of community service. Contact: Teresa Taylor at (478) 445-5772 or

Community Health

  HLTH 3400: COMMUNITY HEALTH Fall 2002 Co Instructors: Dr. Barbara Funke || Karen Ebey Tessendorf Office telephone: 478-445-1780 || 478-445-1781 Office location: 110 Centennial Center || 113 Centennial Center Email: || Office hours: M/T/W/H 11:00-12:15 & by appt. || M/F 10 10:50 a.m. T 1-4 pm webpage: I. CATALOG DESCRIPTION A survey of community health problems and methods of intervention. II. RELATIONSHIP OF COURSE TO DEPARTMENTAL MISSION This course is required for Health Education: Community Health and Human Services majors. Students take this course in order to learn the content, skills, and values clarification pieces that…