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“Western Heritage in a Global Context” and “Quest for Meaning” courses

In addition to the Autumn and Winter Terms, our students share two core courses during their first year and senior year. “”Western Heritage in a Global Context”” and “”Quest for Meaning”” are values-centered and service-centered courses further strengthening students commitment to community service. The centerpiece of “”Quest for Meaning”” and one of our seniors capstone projects is a 40-hour off-campus community service action project. To design their projects, students are told, “”Ask yourself what it is you love and how you might protect, enhance, and preserve it.”” This project yields significant student outcomes in the areas of personal growth, group…

The Academy for Senior Professionals at Eckerd College (ASPEC)

The Academy for Senior Professionals at Eckerd College (ASPEC) brings together retired professionals with distinguished careers who work with students in many ways: as lecturers or discussants in class sessions, and as partners in dialogue as students reflect on their service and internship experiences. Website

First-year programs: 1-4-1-4 academic calendar,””Into the Streets,”” and the Leadership Development Practicum

Our educational model for our first-year students is unique. Our Autumn (August) Term, resulting in a 1-4-1-4 academic calendar for first-year students, provides our students a more personalized academic experience to help them make the transition to our College. Autumn Term culminates with “”Into the Streets,”” an organized program of community service projects. During Winter Term, many of our first-year students enroll in a Leadership Development Practicum based on the highly successful management development models used in executive training programs, while many others enroll in a Service-Learning Practicum. These courses engage students in service programs in the local community so…

The 4-1-4 calendar and Winter Term

Early in our history, Eckerd College introduced the 4-1-4 calendar, and this model became widely adopted by other leading liberal arts colleges across the nation. The one-month Winter Term is designed to provide students with research, community service, independent study, and study abroad experiences. A hallmark of an Eckerd education is the mentoring relationship between a faculty member and a student, and the Winter Term especially provides an opportunity for an intense and highly reflective educational experience most often based on research and service efforts in domestic and international communities. Website:

The Center for the Applied Liberal Arts (CALA)

In the 1999-2000 academic year, we established the Center for the Applied Liberal Arts (CALA) to provide leadership for service-learning opportunities, off-campus internships, international education, and career planning and placement. Through this organizational structure, we are better able to provide students with more opportunities outside the classroom to enhance their learning. Equally important, we are better able to implement a comprehensive assessment model that will demonstrate the learning outcomes of our students and more fully reflect the outcomes where learning inside and outside the classroom are integrated throughout the curriculum. Website: