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Success System Abilities: building students’ civic responsibility

The University has developed the Success System Abilities that focus on building students with both a strong academic and civic responsibility. The core competencies included in every course are integrally connected with critical thinking skills and include valuing diversity and global perspectives both of which are vital to civic responsibility and community partnerships as well as student growth. Website

Alumni Awards for commitment to community service

Community Service is such a vital part of Davenport s history that the Davenport University Alumni Association has developed the Alumni Community Service Award to recognize alumni who continue their strong commitment to community service after completing their degree at the University. Other awards given by the Alumni Association such as the Professional Excellence Award, Dedicated Alumni Award, The Ty Wessell Award and the Distinguished Alumni Award also have as a part of their criteria for selection a demonstration of continuous community service. President Mieras has been instrumental in the development of these awards because of her own strong commitment…

Receiving the “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” award

The Women s Resource Center of Grand Rapids recognized Davenport University with the “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” award in 1999 for its outstanding endeavors in hiring and promoting women as well as for its success in serving female students to advance in their careers, reenter the work force, and support them in their pursuit of educational excellence.