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Aquatic Quality Urban Action Corps

The departments of geology and civil engineering and the office of student community service at CWRU have been involved in an urban watershed stewardship project for the past 4 years. Faculty have done research on features of the watershed that affect flow, flooding, and aquatic habitat. AmeriCorps members from the OSCS-sponsored, year-round “”Aquatic Quality Urban Action Corps”” have performed stream bed remediation projects and provided environmental education to inner-city residents in the watershed to promote community involvement in its protection. web

The Nonprofit Sector in the American Political System

“”The Nonprofit Sector in the American Political System”” encourages students to examine nonprofit organizations within historical and political contexts. The class, offered for the first time during the fall of 1994, was an adaptation of a graduate course at Case Western Reserve University (“”Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector””) that was revised to produce a course for undergraduates with community service experience. Through the collaboration of members of the history department, the university’s Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations and the director of student community service, the Caser Western course examined the constitutional and political roles of volunteer service and nonprofit organizations….

Animal Cognition & Consciousness

PHIL/COGS/BIOL 314 PHIL 414 Animal Cognition & Consciousness with laboratory component Required Readings: Rader & Radner, Animal Consciousness Dennett, Kinds of Minds Allen & Bekoff, Species of Mind Bekoff, The Cognitive Animal Altmann 1974 Observational study of behavior Many articles and excerpts posted on the Blackboard site. Be sure you can access Blackboard! Course Description: This course examines the notions of intelligence, cognition, reasoning, consciousness, and mental content as they appear in the philosophical views and empirical studies of animals in individual and social contexts. Cognitive ethology strives to scientifically measure the extent and limits of the mental lives of animals. We will…