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Service Learning Meets the Environment at Clear Lake

Joel Ostroff, an associate professor of microbiology at Brevard Community College, has designed a microbiology service learning component where students test the school’s lake water to determine if it is safe for plants, animals, and humans. Students from the course are trained in the use and maintainance of the equipment and in turn teach local underprivileged teenagers how to conduct the tests as well. Brevard students are not required to participate in the service, but recieve an extra 10% on their test grade, which accounts for 50% of their course grade. Contact: Joel Ostroff at or 407.632.1111 ext 62550…

Proposal to engage employees at the Center for Service-Learning

Nationally, there has been a resurgence of community service involvement by college students, businesses, K-12 youth, and senior citizens. In Brevard County, we have witnessed this return to community through our Brevard Community College students, the United Way Volunteer Center volunteers, and Brevard County School District youth. The key ingredient that binds and unites these separate but similar citizen enclaves is the web of mutuality between volunteer and recipient, community and institution, and need and resources. At Brevard Community College, our vision and support structures have led to an expectation of service as an integral part of the collegiate experience….

Citizen Scholars’ Program

The requirements of the program are as follows: Complete 300 hours of community service-learning (up to 100 hours of prior service before entering the program can count toward the total required hours) Keep an on-going reflective journal Successfully complete three regular courses, which have service-learning components or 4th credit options Successfully complete SOW 2054 Community Involvement (3 credits) or SOW 1051, SOW 1052, SOW1053 Human Service Experience (three one credit hour electives) Complete an integrative service-learning final essay prior to graduation. Possess at least a 3.0 grade point average while a student at Brevard Community College Upon satisfactory completion of…