Content with Institutions : Big Bend Community College

Peer Advocate Fausto, Big Bend Community College

Peer Advocate Fausto introduces himself to his C2C students enrolled in the college College Survival Skills course he is partnered with.

Tips: Using Facebook for C2C

Describes how Big Bend Peer Advocates utilized Facebook to create connections between Peer Advocates and C2C students and among C2C students.

Tim Paulson, Big Bend Community College

Peer Advocate Profile: After serving in the United States Air Force from 1987 to 1990, Tim Paulson worked in construction for years until his sister encouraged him to think about college. Although he has earned a 3.9 GPA, coming in as a nontraditional student was a challenge, he says. “I was excited about being a college student, but I had a lot of apprehensions, being quite a bit older than everyone.” To get acclimated, he enrolled in a college survival skills course that utilized a C2C peer advocate. Within a few weeks, Paulson was asked to consider becoming a peer…

Jessica Garcia, Big Bend Community College

Student Profile: As a freshman at the University of Washington, Jessica Garcia felt unprepared, so she left to pursue an associate’s degree at Big Bend Community College. When health complications from her first pregnancy forced her to leave school again, it was for much longer. Ten years after first starting college, Garcia—now the mother of three—is back at Big Bend working toward her nursing degree. This time around Garcia has the support of a peer advocate through the C2C program. The peer advocate has made a huge impact on her experience. “Having somebody bridge that gap can make the difference…

C2C in Big Bend Community College

This article describes the pilot implementation at Big Bend Community College of Connect2Complete (C2C), a program created by Campus Compact with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Through course-based peer-to-peer advocacy and peer-assisted service-learning—C2C supports vulnerable students in achieving academic success and credential completion while they actively engage with their peers, their college, and their broader community. These strategies encourage academic development, social integration, personal development, and civic consciousness—all key factors for student persistence. The article explores the assets and strengths that developmental education students bring to service-learning and to peer advocacy. At Big Bend, the C2C program…