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Community Needs, Public Policy and the Private Sector

Bentley College’s “”Community Needs, Public Policy and the Private Sector”” allowed students to examine community concerns in the nonprofit, provate and governmental sectors. Readings, community service projects, and meetings with business and govenrment officials helped students of the business school to better understand the relationship between business decisions and governmental policies and the impact of these decisions on low-income populations. Contact: Edward Zlotkowski, Director of Bentley S-L project at or (781)-891-2592

Bentley Service Learning Center

Bentley is the only business school in the US with a cross-disciplinary service learning program and an extensive scholarship and work program at the undergraduate level. Components include: -City Year Serve-a-Thon, where all first-years are required to participate in a service learning project . -The Scholarship Program, where first-years with a demonstrated interest in community service are eligible for this program which awards $5,000 annually to students who wish to enhance their community awareness, leadership, and interpersonal skills. -BankBoston/Bentley College Forum, an annual event which brings together business executives, community representatives, students, faculty and staff to explore the relationship between…