Research University Engaged Scholarship Toolkit

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Research University Engaged Scholarship Toolkit! Your visit to this website reflects your interest in engaged scholarship. We invite you to investigate the materials in the Toolkit and join us as we build a movement to advance community-engaged scholarship (also called public scholarship or community-based research) at research universities in the United States and beyond.

This Toolkit has four purposes: (1) To add clarity to the meaning and conceptualization of community-engaged scholarship in a research university context; (2) To provide a rationale for why to do it and resources on how to do it well; (3) To provide tools and assistance for faculty at research universities to document engaged scholarship for reward and promotion (i.e., how to get credit for it); and (4) To provide tools and assistance for enabling the assessment of engaged scholarship (i.e., for faculty reward and promotion).

The Toolkit features twenty categories split between the three sections below.

For more information on the purposes and origins of the Toolkit, please visit the Introduction.

Section A: About Engaged Scholarship

  1. What Is Engaged Scholarship?
  2. How Does Engaged Scholarship Compare with Traditional (Discovery) Scholarship?
  3. Why Do Engaged Scholarship?
  4. How to Do Engaged Scholarship Well
  5. How to do Community-Academic/University Partnerships Well
  6. Ethics in Community Engaged Research and Working with Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)
  7. Development of Scholars and Practitioners of Community-Engaged Research
  8. Demonstrating Quality and Impacts of Engaged Scholarship
  9. Institutionalizing Engaged Scholarship
  10. Exemplars of Engaged Scholarship

Section B: Engaged Scholarship and Review, Promotion, and Tenure (RPT)

  1. Rationales for Giving Engaged Scholarship Standing in Research Universities in RPT Processes
  2. Policies for Encouraging and Assessing Engaged Scholarship in RPT Processes
  3. Evaluation Criteria for Assessing Engaged Scholarship in RPT Processes
  4. Demonstrating Quality and Impacts of Engaged Scholarship (in RPT Processes)
  5. Tenure and Promotion Portfolio Exemplars

Section C: Resources for Engaged Scholarship at Research Universities

  1. Original Essays on Engaged Scholarship Written for This Toolkit
  2. Journals That Focus on Engaged Scholarship
  3. Special Journal Issues Dedicated to Engaged Scholarship
  4. National and International Resources for Promoting and/or Carrying Out Community Engaged Research in a Research University Context
  5. Annotated Bibliographies

Please forward your suggestions for resources on engaged scholarship that should be included in the Toolkit to Clayton Hurd with the reference and rationale for including it.