Resources/Best Practices for Service-Learning and Study Abroad

The numbers of colleges and universities that send students abroad to study, to provide service, or a combination of both through service-learning, are growing each year. Campus Compact would like to provide resources to help institutions ensure that their students are well prepared to learn as much as they can from the experience. With that in mind, we offer the following resources:

A Survey of Best Practices of Global Service-Learning Programs in UGA published by The University of Georgia Office of International Public Service and Outreach, Athens, Georgia, USA.

Indiana University-Pursue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) has created a new IUPUI Series on Service Learning Research. The first volume is International Service Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Research, edited by Robert G. Bringle, Julie A. Hatcher, and Steven G. Jones. The book is available in paperback from Stylus Publishing, LLC.

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