Campus Compact Learning Resources for the Carnegie Classification on Community Engagement

Carnegie Classification Virtual Learning Community

For those actively pursuing the Carnegie Classification, this moderated virtual learning community is available to all Campus Compact members seeking (re)classification for the Carnegie Foundation’s Elective Classification on Community Engagement.  During the application process, members will receive support from experts in the field who are moderating the community as well as from one other.

This online platform allows Campus Compact members the opportunity to participate in a moderated peer learning community with similar institutions and experts in the field. Members can share information, ask questions and learn from each other. The Virtual Learning Community is a place where members can receive feedback on specific topics and share resources with other members. Campus Compact and its experts will be active in the virtual learning community and will respond to and address key challenges as they arise.

The learning community will operate from September 2013 – April 2014.

The community is free for all members.  You can register here.

The Engaged Campus: Preparing for the 2015 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification

In this pre-recorded discussion, panelists share information about the 2015 application cycle for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Elective Community Engagement Classification.  Presenters discuss ways the Classification advances institutional engagement and offer “on the ground” perspective from two- and four-year institutions.  Presenters include Dr. John Saltmarsh, Co-Director, New England Resource Center for Higher Education and Ms. Gail Robinson, Director of Service-Learning, American Association of Community Colleges.

To listen to the discussion, please click here.


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