Campus Election Engagement Project

This is the home page for national Campus Compact’s election engagement resources. The Campus Election Engagement Project is a related independent effort, founded by Soul of a Citizen author Paul Loeb, who works primarily through state Campus Compact affiliates to help them get students involved in election matters and offers additional resources towards that effort.

As the next generation of leaders and citizens, young people are a powerful force in today’s political scene. Democracy is a two-way street: today’s youth has the responsibility to educate themselves and participate in our democracy; and also has the right to be heard and respected by elected officials and candidates.

Campus Compact is supporting an initiative to encourage higher education institutions to help educate and empower students and to make the process of staying engaged easier throughout the sometimes confusing election season.

Post-Election Information from Indiana Campus Compact

Outcomes from Ohio Campus Compact’s Vote Initiative

10 Things Campuses Can Do This Spring to Engage Their Students


The Campus Election Engagement Project includes resources for:


How to register to vote, how to get an absentee ballot while away at school or while abroad, a Spanish/English glossary of election terms, ideas for mobilizing others on campus, and resources for learning about candidates and the issues.

Faculty and Staff

Sample programs that incorporate election activities and service-learning into courses, a web event taking place in January that allows students to interact with presidential candidates, studies and statistics about young people and civic engagement.

Community Service and Service-Learning Staff

Dozens of ways to organize voting activities and awareness events on campus, examples of schools who have had success with these programs, resources to provide to students.

“Democracy is not a spectator sport.”

Lotte E. Scharfman

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