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Connect2Complete Resource Guide

The success of the C2C program has prompted Campus Compact to create this Resource Guide to help colleges implement the C2C model on their own campuses. The guide is designed for a broad range of audiences, including community engagement professionals, faculty, student leaders, administrators, and presidents. While resources contained within this guide were developed on the basis of the experiences, needs, and cultures of community colleges, the model has garnered interest from four-year institutions offering developmental education, which can adapt the information here for their own use. The guide is divided into four sections, each focusing on a different aspect…

College Positive Volunteerism Toolkit

This 90-page resource provides important information on: Preparing to volunteer with K-12 youth, activities to utilize with various age groups, ACT/ SAT preparation, ways to pay for college, and much more.

A Promising Connection: Increasing College Access and Success through Civic Engagement

This white paper provides compelling evidence that college students who participate in civic engagement and service-learning activities as part of the curriculum, earn higher grade point averages and have a better chance of staying in college and earning degrees. Moreover, K-12 students who are reached through college student civic engagement in their communities gain increased access to college and graduate in higher numbers, especially first-generation college attendees, students of color, and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.