Women’s Emancipation and Development Agency (WOMEDA) Executive Director Juma Massisi (seated, center) facilitates conversation among women and Amizade students in Kayanga, Tanzania, as part of research that supported a successful United States Agency for International Development grant award for WOMEDA.


DukeEngage students Jeline Rabideau and Jenny Denton worked with middle school girls, such as ​Katie, in Western North Carolina to enhance literacy skills through digital storytelling projects focused on their families.


DukeEngage independent project student Alex Saffrit collaborated with a community member, Moses, in Nkokonjeru, Uganda, on a solar cooker project.


Ernesto Alaniz, community maintenance leader, Villanova civil engineering student Allie Braun, and Water for Waslala program manager Iain Hunt cooperate to inspect a new water tank near Santa Maria Kubali, Nicaragua.

GSL 6: Poster Session and Presenter Instructions

Nearly fifty community-engaged practitioners and scholars will represent twenty-two different posters during the poster session, over coffee and lite breakfast, 7:30 – 9:00 am, on Monday, November 4. Details for presenters follow the poster titles listed below. Revisit the whole Summit Schedule, and register here.







The place of University into a Community Context Jose Andrade Pastoral Universitaria
Maria Egas Psicologia Aplicada
Emilio Salao
Integration of A Multi-Phase Collaborative Global Service Learning Conceptual Model: Best Practices Janice Lanham School of Nursing
Lynn Dobson
Abby Heid Corporate & Community Education
Bringing Learning Home: From the Global South to Tallahassee, FL Kimberly Reid Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement
Latika Young Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement
Social Work and Pharmacy Joint Service Learning in Tanzania Pilar Murphy Pharmacy Practice
Rachel Hagues Social Work
Multidisciplinary research on global engagement: An institutional case study Maureen Vandermaas- Peeler Center for Research on Global Engagement, Psychology
Partnership building to improve sustainable health in developing countries: A cross- cultural and interdisciplinary global health approach. Arelis Moore de Peralta Clemson University
Aida Mencia-Ripley Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE)
Ruben Dario Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE)
Envisioning Experiential Education as a Critical Community Evan Small Elon University
Caroline Dean Elon University
Using the Fair- Trade Learning Rubric to Evaluate a New Global Partnership Roxanne Amerson Clemson University
Cesar Santos Nursing Heart, Inc.
Jade Parker- Manderson Nursing Heart, Inc.
Chloe Garrison Clemson University
Sarah Finleyson Clemson University
Michelle Kunkle Clemson University
Considering personal identities when preparing for and participating in community immersion programs Heilwig Jones Kaya Responsible Travel
Building Healthier Communities in the Dominican Republic through partnerships: A student-led community engagement approach Arelis Moore de Peralta Clemson University
Michelle Fuentes KIPP Memphis Academy Middle
Creating a global learning community through the use of technology: Lessons Learned from Online Tutoring Programs Wynter Oshiberu Paper Airplanes
Reducing the Health Risks of Students and Faculty in Low Resource Countries through Enhanced Education and Preparedness. Tracy Fasolino Clemson University
Heather Hufnagel Clemson University
Haley McKee Clemson University
Mary Margaret Cain Clemson University
Student Leadership Training for Global Community Engagement Eliza Wethey Virginia Tech
Students teaching students in Haiti: Impact on Professional Development and Cultural Humility Julie Booth Quinnipiac University
Global learning findings from a multi-year, project-based, cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, collaborative GSL model between Egypt and the United States. Robert Hewitt Clemson University
Hala Nassar Clemson University
Creating a Culture for School-Wide Community-Campus Partnerships Kelly Kowatch University of Michigan
Alissa Talley-Pixley University of Michigan
Social Science/ Social Conscience: Engaging Local Communities Through Research and Service E’Lisha Fogle Clemson University
Student fear of discussing diversity in an increasingly diverse world Caitlin Ferrarini University of Massachusetts Boston

Global Learning Programs that Provide Sustainable Solutions: Is it Possible?


Stephanie Bennett

Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University
Challenges and Opportunities for Engineering-Centric Global Service Learning Programs Jennifer Ogle Clemson University
Brad Putman Clemson University
A Sustainable Model for Interprofessional, Intercultural Learning Maureen Helgren Quinnipiac University


Poster presenter information and reminders: 

  • Poster presenters will have one side of a 38 inch high by 50 inch wide foam-core presentation board – usable space is slightly smaller; therefore you will need to print your paper poster to dimensions no greater than 36 inches by 48 inches.
  • The presentation board will rest on a portable easel, which will be provided for you. You will attach your paper poster to the foam-core presentation board with clips. We will supply clips for attaching your poster to the board.
        • Posters should be setup between 7:00 to 7:30 AM on November 4th. The presenter/s should be available to discuss their poster between 7:30 – 9:00 AM. Posters will be available for viewing throughout the day, during breakfast, breaks, and lunch.
        • Posters should be removed by 5:30 PM on November 4th. Posters remaining after this time will be discarded.