Family Involvement Network of Educators (FINE) Forum e-Newsletter Issue 5 focuses on the University-Community Partnership

February 26, 2009

To Read the Issue go to:“FINE Forum” highlights a university-community partnership at the Jane Addams School for Democracy, an education and action center where community members, university faculty, and high school and college student address community problems and public issues.

College students and their community partners, Hmong and Latino immigrants, work together on the principle that “everyone is a teacher, everyone is a learner.” Community residents co-create with their student partners learning activities to prepare for the citizenship exam and improve English speaking skills; the students learn from their community partners the language, history, and culture of immigrant communities.

A few of the articles in this issue include:

’¢ Program Spotlight describes the history, structure, and organization of the university-community partnership and shows how the Jane Addams School embeds democratic principles and practices into service learning.

’¢ Questions & Answers offers the viewpoints of the School’s co-founders about engaging students in community service that helps them better understand and expand their classroom learning.

’¢ Student Voices describes how the Jane Addams School cultivates student leadership and starts students on a path of lifelong public work and community involvement.

’¢ Lessons From Leaders presents lessons about the ways communities and higher education institutions can work together for a common mission.

Learn more about FINE and how to join at

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