Fall 2015 Webinars – Save the Dates

June 16, 2015

Going to the Action: Stay Home? And Generation Abroad – Practitioner Wisdom (Wednesday, September 2, 1 pm EST) 

Global nongovernmental organizations dedicated to advancing development partnerships through cooperation with students and volunteers will speak to their mission-driven rationales for involving young people in these efforts. From a community-based, mission-centered focus, these veterans of cooperative development and collaborative community-campus partnership will share their perspectives on a call to “Help your Own Country” in the context of the values and commitments that lead their organizations to engage beyond national borders. A series of brief presentations will be followed by facilitated discussion. Panelists include:

Going to the Action: Stay Home and Generation Abroad – Philosophical Framing (Friday, October 16, noon EST) 

Considering practitioner wisdom, philosophical and theoretical framing of global engagement and global citizenship, and connections to the fields of global and community development, four global service-learning practitioner-scholars will discuss how the specific values and disruption of global service-learning undermine calls to “Help your Own Country.” They will consider how this particular pedagogy and partnership practice at once disrupts national identities and engages the possibility of deep connection with anyone, everywhere. Particular classroom and institutional strategies for engaging this dialogue will be shared. Panelists include:


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